About the Little Dragons Classes

martial arts yin yang Age Range: 5 to 12 years old martial arts yin yang Length of Class: 1 hour
martial arts yin yang Class Times: 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm martial arts yin yang Day of Class: Wednesdays
martial arts yin yang Length of Session: 6 weeks martial arts yin yang Cost of 6 week session:
Lakewood Residents - $37
Non Residents - $47
martial arts yin yang Location of Class: Weingart Senior Citizen Center
martial arts yin yang Come join in on a fun work out! For more info: (562) 866-9771 Ext. 2408
martial arts yin yang Contact the Instructor at e-mail click here to e-mail us  or phone (562) 425-3168

We have spent several decades learning and focusing on one style - traditionally it is held to be true that it takes a life time to master just one style.  While it is believed that all martial arts are essentially the same it is also equally true that each martial art has something unique to it.  Something that is a theme that ties each technique and form, from first to last, from beginning to advanced, together.  Everything has a common thread which links it all together.  Believing otherwise has led to people learning a conglomeration of things and stringing them together.  

Consider this you would not make a sharp, fast corners in a SUV the same way you would in a sports car? While both vehicles have steering wheels, accelerators, breaks, etc., and you might drive both in a similar fashion they are not exactly alike or designed to preform the same.  A sports car and SUV handle differently, have different gas consumption, steering capabilities, on and off the road capabilities, etc. Likewise, while things may appear to be the same on the surface, the manner in which one style generates force (to use only one example), differs from they way another style does the same thing.  This does not make one better than the other, just different.  

We have given ourselves to learning one style well and making a solid foundation.   This way the student will benefit from the concentrated effort that we have put into our decades of training and understanding which we have developed over the many years of working within one style.  This does not mean that you cannot find compatibility with some methods, but you must have established a "foundation" in one art before you can seek out techniques that are compatible with your parent art.  And how can you understand your parent art unless you have spent years building your foundation in that art.  There is a saying that goes "be true to your art and it will be true to you".  

As a result of investing our time in learning and understanding one style we have discovered that many things can be found in that style, provided you have put in your time and invested yourself in learning that style.  Kung Fu has joint locking in the form of what is known as Chin Na and Dog Boxing, ground fighting in the form of Dog Boxing and Fukien Style, kicking and leg techniques within forms based on horse and bird styles, and more.  All ranges are worked and all parts of the body are developed.  

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