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Many times we accept what we hear from people in positions of authority, so called experts, those we believe and trust to be experts and/or the media - and, yes, even schools.  Often people accept what they are told at face value simply because we have been assured that the people we are dealing with are "experts".  

A good rule of thumb is to question everything and everyone, any and all information being pumped at you.  If all is legitimate then being questioned will not be a problem for people.  However, if your "gut" is ever telling you something is wrong, if you are pressured in any way, if people try to lay the proverbial guilt trip on you, if they are slow to provide you answers if any answers at all, if their answers are vague or circular or leave you wondering what was just said or it makes no sense, etc., then that should be a red flag for you.  Listen to your "gut" your "inner voice", "intuition" or whatever you want to call it.  You are the expert on your child, you are the decision maker and most parents are better qualified to know what is best and in the long term best interest of their children.  

While there are many self avowed experts out there there simply is no one more expert about your child than you are.  

Following are many good resources for you to explore.  

Special Article on ADD/ADHD and Ritalin and other such medications - worthwhile article to read

Connect with Kids - - Check out their video called "The Trouble with Boys".  If you have a child that is a boy this is a great video that you should have.  

ADD ADHD - With the number of children being diagnosed with ADD ADHD you would think that something is happening that has elevated this condition to epidemic proportions.  Perhaps it is something else, read this article, it has a number of enlightening references from doctors.  

Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK) - Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK) is a Parent Training and Information Center that parents and professionals can turn to for assistance.  Your child and you can benefit from knowing about this website and the information contained in it on many levels, perhaps you just need to know your rights within the educational system.  You may have a gifted child, you might have a child that simply has sensory needs, your child might fall somewhere high on the ASD (Autism Spectrum) and it isn't apparent to you, there may be bullying or harassment issues at your school that are not being addressed, this site and this organization can probably help you with advice and information.  Be sure to check them out, educate yourself, you may be your own best and only resource.  They have special workshops on IEP's, resources and reading materials, events and more.  This organization will be able to provide you with a great deal of information, answers and free classes and workshops on your rights within the educational system (you have a lot more than you may be aware of) , they can provide you with references and many more ideas and information.  This is a great organization that will help you advocate for your child should you need to.   

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