What we teach

This is not JUST a class where children will learn how to bow, say "yes sir", "no sir", "please", "thank you", how to tie a knot in their belt and other such skills. No doubt that some of these are valuable and important skills, which we do cover.  BUT, because we are Kung-Fu and because we are about martial arts the children in our classes also learn skills that will keep them safe, that will teach them practical self defense against the kind of predators that are in the world today.  You have only to listen to the news to hear about the kinds of predators that prey on children  By learning these skills the children have a better chance should be targeted by a predator

At the same time, we teach them in a disciplined yet fun environment.  While they get exercise and learn courteously and discipline and the many other excellent benefits that can be gained from martial arts they also learn practical self defense skills.  These skills are aimed at giving a child tools that will help them against a larger adult predator

All of this is done in a way so as not to make children fearful but to empower them. Being the parent of a child this was important to me to impart to my child as I am sure it must be important to all parents.  

We also teach them discretion and discernment in using these skills so that they do not use what they learn inappropriately.  We will not tolerate bullying.  

So please know in advance that while your children will learn listening skills, discipline, self confidence and other such skills they will also, most assuredly, be engaged in learning Martial Arts as well.   

We do not teach cookie cutter formulas for self defense, if everyone is learning the same thing then a predator knows how to circumvent cookie cutter techniques.  In fact, we have been advised by a number of people in the know that these predators do spend time learning what is commonly being taught.  We keep our skills simple and different and, as a consequence, effective.  

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